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Let's face it, most stations play the same songs and never play the bands that you want to hear. All rock stations play Metallica, Gun N Roses, Tool and whatever band is coming to town. They are so lame with the predictable playlists, that even the classic rock stations are playing those bands. The approach to our playlists and programming will make you want you to listen 24/7. We want to change the broadcasting industry by making our standards the new bar to which all broadcasters look up to. In fact, our superior sound quality using AAC can exceed 500kbs, which is nearly 3 times that of any iHeart and nearly double the bitrate of most other 256kbs MP3 stations.We here at WTRSfm.com, play songs from bands you know, songs you didn't hear on the radio, along with new songs you'll love. With our seven decades of rock, we feature bands spanning the globe, from Iceland, South Africa, Denmark, England, US, Germany and more! WTRSfm.com is changing the broadcast industry with it's fresh approach to it's playlist's, it's artist's and it's programming.

We're always looking for that perfect song, so if you have a request or a suggestion, you can always text us at (941) 300 7077.

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