Audio Test Files - Music Survey

This section has various music files for those who wish to listen to, and comment.  

We would greatly appreciate your feedback in letting us know which version or versions of songs you like best.   We would you to put on some good headphones or some good speakers to listen to the tracks.  Most of the tracks will have a slight variation in sound quality, it may be very hard to determine the differences, from one to another.   We would like you know which one you like the best. 

Come back often as we update and add new versions and make adjustments, based on your feedback. 

We use Flac files to start all of new songs and are replacing the old AAC and Mp3 files.  This will ensure that we have the highest audio quality and maintain the quality throughout the streaming process and we want to be your source of rock music.   

Click to the left to open the shared music folder

 Please Take survey after listening to the files  - Thank you.

Today we have Sample tracks to listen to which are 1 minute combined into a single FLAC file that has been converted into a very high quality OGG file format. The specifications of the file is 48K Sample rate and average bit rate of 500k+ at 16 bit depth.   This is to make the file smaller, yet still nearly as good as the original FLAC format.  

First download all files and listen to them with the best gear you have. 

Click on the Music Survey and take the simple 3 to 5 question survey, it will help us and you, with the sound quality of our station. 

Thank you